Florida Sled Hockey Association
Mission Statement
Florida Sled Hockey Association inc.
A non profit 501- (c) (3)
We strive to create an environment where individuals with
disabilities can recreate with the same freedom of  choice , quality
of life and independence as their non disabled peers. We do this by
developing , delivering  and evaluating innovative barrier free
recreation and health promoting programs. Our guiding principals are
promoting opportunities and collaborating with others to create a
strong network of accessible recreation.
Players and parents from all four programs in
the state came by for 2011 / 2012 End of
Season cook out / games Teams from team Ft
Myers Had a great time and great food
prepared by our good friend Gary Baker. See
you all next season.
USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Dallas TX. To
congratulate the team on a great tourney
BIG Weekend for Florida Sled Hockey !!
One "PUSH" Closer to the National title!
Earned NOT Given !
SpaceCoast Hurricanes represented the Tampa Lightning  at this years USA /NHL Sled Classic!
Coached by Head coach Tom Reinarts  of Spacecoast Hurricanes
assisted by  Casey Chizek and Kristen Bowness
CONGRATULATIONS on a great tourney !
Head coach (C) Tom Reinarts, assistants (R) Casey Chizek, (L) Kristen Bowness
Eliot Lemoncelli,Tripp Skinner, Gabby Sanchez,Amanda Martori,Karina Vallgas, (Spacecoast)
Jayden Debiram,Arianna Burns, Troy Conquest- (FT Myers ICE) , Mike Rich (Tampa Lightning)  and
Ray Aprin (Palm Beach Tiger Sharks)